Now is the time to capitalize on your investment

Have you just invested six figures to have your student boomerang home and take a temporary job?
You have witnessed a seismic shift in college financing with 40 million Americans paying off an
average of $25,000 student debt, rising at five times the cost of inflation.

Parents are now informed customers

Students have evolved to savvy consumers weighing the cost of education against income expectations for their future.
You invest from the genesis of private high school, travel sports and the college of choice.
Most decisions have been made for the student. This one is different. This is a profound pivot point.

A career is launched, or you defer to taking a job.
One invests in a 401K and benefits, the other gets by with temporary hourly work.
The winner is building a personal brand while the other half are trying to find their passion.

We show students HOW to navigate this powerful inflection point.

PIVIT produces OUTCOMES with 100% career placement.

Ready. Set. Career.

Time To Get Active


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