I went from being a random nervous dude who didn't really know what he was doing...to a guy who felt confident and comfortable in front of the "Corporate Firing Squad.” The PIVIT methods are flawless and there is no way I would have secured this position at Kinder Morgan.

After working for 18 months post college, I found myself seeking a change in my career path. I engaged PIVIT to assist with several opportunities. The job I coveted the most seemed the least likely prospect, competing with over 5,000 candidates for 1 of 13 available positions. After I landed the job, I was told I won the position because I was more prepared than any candidate. PIVIT is why I achieved my dream job with Keyence. 

When the PIVIT class is over in the evening, I am not exhausted because I am TOTALLY engaged. This is unlike any course I have ever taken.

If you're looking to be pushed out of your comfort zone and want to work with some of the brightest people around, PIVIT is the place to be. I attended the program during Spring Break my Senior year and had a dream job before graduation.

34 Days…from graduation contacting PIVIT to the launch of my fresh career with the Bruins. The tactics bring unbelievable results. My passion as an athlete fulfilled with a dream Marketing role. I start Monday!

My daughter discovered this program at school. Two months later she landed her dream career. Thanks for helping with this defining moment.

PIVIT fills a void in preparing athletes and parents to successfully manage the transition to a professional career. The combination of individual mentoring and professional networking dramatically influenced my son’s ability to compete for and win a position at Merrill Lynch.

Our daughter started her search final semester of her Senior Year. PIVIT was instrumental in guiding us through the process. Partnering with their team was critical in our daughter achieving her dream job at Nike.

As parents we are thrilled to know our son has chosen you as his mentor to trust, follow and truly respect.

When the PIVIT coach is in your corner, he is totally honest with you as well as your parents. Constant communication. He even followed-up months after my job acceptance just to check in on me.

We were initially uncertain about the idea of engaging a career adviser.

Reflecting back, I can’t imagine navigating this career process without the PIVIT team.

They are professionals. Talk with them – you won’t regret it.

The PIVIT team takes a genuine interest in helping you find your way on this exciting yet challenging journey and get your footing on what can be a very slippery slope.

A college education is essential to getting a good job.

PIVIT was instrumental in kick starting my successful career. Thank you!

PIVIT opened up tremendous opportunities for me. I also got to meet and interview with many of the alumni that are now working at major companies like Chevron, Fidelity, Google and IBM. Within just my first year here, I have already built a large network that will help pave the way to my future success.

Industry experience and PIVIT’s deep connections had an immediate impact on my first job. 

I advise all students to take full advantage of the PIVIT Program. You won’t be disappointed!

 I personally feel that every student should attend the PIVIT program. 

The staff will show you how to get a job now. With the current job market, that is a value that can’t be measured.

I have many people to thank for helping me obtain my job.

The PIVIIT coaches are definitely at the top of that list! 

I would tell other students that the PIVIT Program was one of the most influential factors in the transition from college to my career.

Since the first moment I enrolled in PIVIT, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The coaches are top rate. They take a personal interest in each student.

All of the instructors were AMAZING!!!! They were active professionals from so many high profile companies. The experience and knowledge that they brought with them can’t be matched.

A college education is essential to getting a good job.

PIVIT was instrumental in kick starting my successful career. Thank you!

Our employees from the PIVIT program hit the ground running.

Free food Fridays, monthly team Q&A sessions with company execs and fulfilling work. 

Surrounded by amazing talent in a stimulating Start-Up environment.

A PIVIT candidate was our first external department hire. What a breath of fresh air. And a rock star in her first year.

When I came in the door, I was not just given menial tasks. I was given full control of a project with flexibility on the direction to move forward.

I started at IBM three months ago and have had an amazing time working here. The culture is dynamic and so much fun. Add to that the awesome location in my favorite city, the amazing work perks and the cutting edge work you get to do.

People are very supportive. People don’t see mistakes as mistakes…
they see it as risk taking and a way to grow in the company.