Career Catapult Bootcamp

Transform your career path and yourself


Whether you are with us for 2 hours or 3 days, the Career Catapult Program will transform how you think and act toward your career. The delivery model is high octane, embedded with real-time experiential learning. Candidates are engaged and pushing their limits in the “Survivor”, “Shark Tank” and “Apprentice” boot camp simulations.


You will be tested. You will be challenged. Our “Fail Fast” methodologies enable participants to thrive in real world challenges by taking risks in real-time within a supportive atmosphere. Fail with us, not at the job interview. Then get back up and do it again.


Our high energy boot camps will hone your skills and have you prepared for any career challenge.

  • Immersive
  • Intense
  • Transformative

Veterans, competitive athletes, and students will feel right at home with our "special-ops" style training. We will push you to your performance maximum.


Our rigorously tested and successful methods for honing and communicating your personal brand will absolutely give you an advantage over the competition.

It's a mindset. And that attitude flows into actionable tactics for how to present your in-person and online brand with everything from your personal communication style to the perfect LinkedIn page, all working in sync.