Have you thought about life after graduation?

Career Coaching for High School and College Students


“Applying online” to job boards and the phone isn’t ringing.

We witness this every day. A graduate who just completed four years of college with a mini mortgage payment of student debt….”take a job”.

PIVIT U has been validated across the diverse landscape of the campus ecosystem.

We work with educational organizations like Fraternities and Sororities, Women in Technolgy, and High School Pathways Programs.


  • 80% of college students change their major
  • 40% of graduates are underemployed
  • 25% move home
PIVIT graduates are employed in full time careers
PIVIT graduates responded the program was instrumental in jump starting and securing their career
PIVIT graduates are hired twice as fast as their peers


"Thanks for the follow up call! I just got off the phone with my guy at Regeneron and I already have the offer letter in my inbox. I also just sent my follow up thank you emails
to Home Meridian regarding the other interview this week."

- Michael